september 2015 recap

These days I was so focused and busy that I almost forgot to do my usual monthly recap of the posts in this blog.

While october is starting pretty bad (already lost a couple of days of writing) and even though september wasn’t a perfect month there are still a few things that made it worthwhile.

The first thing about september is that I listened a podcast of Tim ferris with Brene Brown, this reminded me of the beautiful things I learned about vulnerability.

I talked about sleep because I left it behind during september, I slept less because I’ve got many things to complete.
Now that the month is over I cannot emphasize enough how important sleep is.

one of the longest post -ever- was about focus and productivity.

Also, checking back what I wrote I feel a bit of serendipity seeing that here I talk about “letting others show off” and here (october) I quote that leaders should deflect success.

It’s amazing when you coincidentally link things without intention.

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