I bet you’ve been ill from time to time.

Being sick doesn’t help you move forward and there are a few things you can do to cope with that.

You either accept it and relax, or ignore it and continue like nothing’s happened.
But sickness is an alarm that tells your body that you need to relax, it’s the way the body tells you to calm down.

What will you do?

These days I am more into natural remedies, they are awesome, they are great, but they have the downside of being slow to be effective.

Chemical remedies on the other hand are faster and more effective, but might have some side effects that you don’t know when you take them.

Which one would you choose?

We always find a crossroad, but what we will do is up to us.
Personally I found out that there’s no written answer.
While I might prefer use natural remedies it’s not I won’t use chemical remedies if needed.
Why? Because it’s a rule, not a dogma and should be weighted accordingly.

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