the strange case of the man that wanted to pay others

What if there’s a whole world asking for money and you are waiting to give to them money in exchange for a service?

Wouldn’t that be a nice thing?
You pay for a service, simple as that.

Well, in the journey to create a cosmetic product I recently discovered it’s not so easy.
I’m not talking about slackers, I’m talking about genuine people who do their work but sometimes fail to communicate properly.

But what is communication exactly?
Communication can be summarized by the existence of the “request the address to send a notification if the message is read”.
We have the need to communicate, but we want our communication to be reliable and effective.

Reliable means that we know the other person has received our communication.
Not only that, we expect to be notified that he/her understood and if needed will take action.

It’s not important when, but it’s important that the message got through and understood.

Effective means that our communication has a mean, a goal that once reached finalizes the idea behind our words.
Effectiveness will make our words reality.

Reliability and effectiveness are both key elements to any communication system, but more than ever they are important for me while talking to others.

Whenever you receive an information or a request from someone do this

  • If they send you an email/sms, reply to them telling them you’ve got the message and tell them you’ll plan to check it in “x days”.
  • Create a reminder for that day
  • Act as usual from that on

Replying is an act that might just take one second, yet can improve dramatically the relationship.

Don’t be that guy. Reply.

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