the first time always sucks

Recently a friend of my was very scared of a video she put on youtube.
It was her first video and she was very nervous about it.

In fact she was nervous even during the video, but if you don’t know you might not even notice.
Yes, she talked very fast so you could get that she was very excited and she also didn’t look at the camera so often.

It was far from perfect and she knew it.

This absence of perfection was terrifying because she thought everyone was there to crush her, destroy her video and so on.
But none of that happened and yet she still was terrified.

This reminded me of a post I’ve read and a lesson I’ve learned.

The post is “Less than perfect” by Nathan Kontny

The lesson is “If you were already good a it, you wouldn’t take lessons”.
This is the words used by my Improv teacher when I was talking about the fact that I wasn’t so good at it.

Mastery comes with practice and time. It’s ok for things to be far from perfect and completed yet this imperfection is required to achieve mastery otherwise we wouldn’t learn.

Hiding imperfection is like hiding vulnerabilities. It harms us because it tries to hide the parts of us that can grow instead of let them grow.

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