are you listening to complaints?

There are days when I listen to many complains. 

Not that I want to, it just a happens. But what is the value of a complaint if the goal of the complaint is only complaining?

Hardly a complaint can be useful. That’s what sound criticism is for. Complaining on the other side is mainly used to express frustration and given the inherent definition of frustration it rarely leads to a constructive change.

I think we do complain too much. While I understand the need to express our perception of urgency and stress through complaints I also think that we can do more.

Complaining drains energy. It is a force your are submitted to, a force that has power in the individual silence. When you complain you don’t listen.

To avoid complaining is a hard thing but we can start by listening to less complaints and start asking questions.

Asking questions is a undervalued skill.

Good questions lead to answers, if you ask yourself the right questions every time you come nearer to the solution. That’s a great start. When asking non-rethorical questions it’s hard to complain.

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