good questions are the key

The more time it passes, the more I’m sure about this: good questions are a turn key for many things.

A great question allow people to have a spark in creativity or to go beyond, it can solve problems because of the different point of view inherently included in the question itself.

Most of the time we feel blocked because we don’t know how to handle the problem.
In fact, the thing is that we are blocked because we don’t have the answer to the question “How do I handle this?”

Such question can be rarely answered alone, it takes a few more steps in between to get to a solution, and those steps are essentials.
A way to discover the steps in between are questions.

But how to get a good question to solve a problem?
The first thing is to do small jumps.
There is no “final” questions, so you shouldn’t expect to have an epiphany and find a question that solve the problem in one shot.
What you must aim to is to move incrementally to widen the scope of your knowledge, both by confirming that you understood and moving forward and enlarge what you know.

After a few questions like this the problem will be probably more defined and/or split in subsequent pieces. That way the problem can be handled and solved with no issue.

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