october 2015 recap

October was a strange month. I was quite busy during that time, but found the time to be consistent about writing here, although I skipped a few days.

Lots of the Writing is related to the company I’m somewhat trying to build, the Radici Toscane although I don’t state it in a single post.

I must admit that during this month I was always quite in a hurry, this resulted into articles being somewhat shorter than usual, although some were nice to write.

A few that I liked were

Also, this month I did a test on reducing sugar intake and do some breathing exercise in the morning.
Regarding sugar it’s awesome, I mean… you can’t even imagine the benefit.
After just a month of removing sugar my taste changed and now I don’t feel the need to eat sugar so much.

In november this blog will somewhat become more of a journey trip since I’ll be heading off to japan for almost the entire month.

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