when they shut down

Today Dropbox announced that Mailbox and Carousel would shut down.
It’s hard not to think about the value that these two services brought to user, yet they are still shutting down and I can see why.

There’s no innovation anymore. Once the idea is grasped and becomes mainstream, you need to be in a field where you can innovate quickly and effectively to potentially continue working there.

Otherwise you need to change and start from zero and I guess this was the choice behind the shut down.
When service aren’t paid by subscription you rely on the fact that the company will do their best to support you in the future, but that isn’t a guarantee.
As it often happens, companies change plans, ideas, they break things and build new ones.

This is why I love the take Basecamp has on the subject. They build things for the long run and don’t leave users alone.
In a world where free seems so convenient, this revolutionary thinking makes me feel at home.

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