we’re all doing our best

There’s one thing I knew but didn’t really realize until this night, and that thing is that during life we all strive to do our best.

Yes, even those people that you think are slacking are, in fact, trying their best.
Even if they are not doing their best, they are fighting every single day as we are, only on a different level (it’s not comparable with terms like “More” or “Less”).

When we say you can do better we are thinking about our version of better. The one that we would strive for.

Given that we could not even be compatible with each other the other thing to note is: “Aren’t we all struggling?”
Yes, we are. Each and every one of us is doing his or her best to live the life the best we can.
And we fail often.
Often the life beats us and we feel without hope, without future, without solutions to our problems.

This part of the story is the one that doesn’t appear outside.
Outside, we might “slack”. But inside there’s this emotional turmoil that dig inside us to damage even deeper.

It’s easy to say you can do better, right?
But what do we answer when we get the same question?
We have many reasons right? We have excuses, justifications, things that influenced the results.
We weren’t guilty, just unlucky.

If we think about it for a moment we could realize that we were doing our best like everyone else in the world.
And if you think about it the next time your boss (or my boss btw) makes you angry, you might just realize that we’re all in the same boat.

There isn’t any script for life, we just go with what we’ve got.
We do our best, and the result is the best we could have.

And for that we should be thankful, because the life we’re living is good even if it sucks.
We open our eyes every days and admire the beauty of the sun.
The work might be shitty but you know what? They are doing their best too.
Maybe they’re trying to figure out how to save the marriage, or while cheating they’re simply trying to be happy.

These are not excuses, these are the words that define our lives. I’m not trying to justify our actions, but we still do our best every day.
And that best, even if it’s not perfect, is our best, the maximum, the zenit.
It’s the top of our life up until now, it represents the beauty and the imperfection of human being.

Whatever you do, wherever you live, whichever you meet, remember: they’re doing their best.

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