we start unprepared

I know I talked about this yesterday, but it’s still on my mind, so I thought “why not expand it even further?”

The idea to talk again about this came from a post of Davide Casali that I saw on Facebook.
He was talking about the fact that jr designer are ashamed to talk about their lack of skills.

Lack of skills is something we are born we. We need to learn to improve, to move forward.
That said, I can relate with those jr designers.
The fact is that the lack of skill is something that makes people feel unworthy,

It’s not anyone’s fault, but the fact that the lack of skills makes you less valuable is something profound in our society.
We look for numbers, for interesting lines, while we should focus on the ability to adapt and grow, the ability to go into deep focus, determination and so on.

Abilities that are within our reach and can be showed but are not so often discovered through common interviews.

So, the last question is: what should we do?
I guess it always winds down to do our best.

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