when you’ll be ready for it

There are things that requires preparation.
Thinking about it, almost everything in life requires that.

You need to be prepared for an exam, for a child, for a marriage, for a job, for an interview.
All those things requires you to be prepared but sometimes you need to do it even if you’re not really prepared.

Preparation sometimes is all about mindset, not real true skill.
Is about being able to say “ok, I don’t know where this is going, but I can and want to handle it”.
Just like a child, you won’t have any preparation to what’s going to happen, yet you do it nonetheless.

That’s how life works.
Things happen, you live your life.
It’s not about how much preparation did you have, it’s all about your ability to handle the situation, to step up, to wake up every morning and know that you can do it.
Even if it’s overwhelming.

Preparation is required to avoid breaking things, but you always do things in an unprepared state because perfection can’t be achieved from a preparation point of view, you are always learning how to do things better, and that’s the beauty of it.

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