great marketing is invisible

This morning I was going to Milan for work and in the time between two train connections I stopped in a bar to take a cappuccino. 

While drinking it I realized it was cold. Way too cold.

It was 7am in the morning and outside it was freezing and one door of the bar was open. The door lead to the bus arrivals terminal.

I exclaimed “it’s cold, why would they let us freeze like that” pointing at the open door and my colleague instantly replied “it’s not cold. It’s marketing”

Marketing? It took me a while to realize that it was such a nice move. An open door is a clear, unmistakable indicator that a bar is open.

It also invites you to enter. In addition to that, smells are often the best way to attract clients. The smell of a good pizza or a coffe are enough to stimulate you to indulge and stop by.

In town festivals sellers use ventilators  to spread odor of cooked food.

Marketing, great marketing, hides itself from the eye. It hides into the appearance so much it blends into the forniture and you don’t know it’s there.

It’s so great that it’s not even trying to sell in the usual sense, instead it just shows. It appeals to senses and mind and it gets you by your own free will.

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