I didn’t expect to be a geek

Nor to be a Nerd.

In fact, I feel quite a normal person, with no inclination on any particular side.
I have passions, photography, writing, that can’t be called a job because I do it for fun.

I like to test myself (and this blog is proof), but aside from this, no, I didn’t expect to be a true geek.

I don’t do nerd or geeky jokes, nor I laugh too much at them (but I love them from time to time).
I use the command line daily, but I don’t feel it’s my home.

I wouldn’t write in emacs an email.

That said, I am partly surprised by my actual interest in Tarsnap. a backup solution I just discovered.
It’s geeky in the sense that it’s a highly technical backup solution.
No difficult, but technical.

Still, I love it. I love the idea, the execution, and even the old style text-website so much that I want to use it back it up right now.

Today the main competitor of this (on a different level) is the BackBlaze B2 cloud storage, which feels like a different planet.
But how much do they compare? I’m curious, really curious, and I’d love to use them both and see the differences in prices and so on.

I guess that the main reason I liked tarsnap at first glance was its simplicity.
It’s simple, it’s easy, and it does the job.

Why would you want more? It also moves away from a fixed pricing an in a prepaid model, nice work.

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