the power of your words and why we should all keep our promises

Have you ever broke a promise?
I surely did, many times. And over time I started to realize that every time I broke one promise, my words were less powerful, less important, less serious.

Keeping our word and promises is alike lying. The more you lie, the less your word is effective because people know that you’re not to be trusted.

If you can’t keep your word, you’ll be that guy that talks a lot but doesn’t really do anything, or that guy that beware of what he’s saying.
There are many people like that, people that will promise you the moon, but won’t ever accomplish their promises.

This also can be easily connected to your life. Unless you’re a liar with just some people, you’ll end up noticing that your life lacks commitment, determination, perseverance because you change your mind, because you surrender too often too fast.

Also if you don’t keep your promises it means that everything for you has no real value, so where’s the value?
We all try to live in something we respect even though we might not recognize it, but what’s valuable about it? What do we really like?
Are we, by any chance, living without thinking about the value of our life?
I’m not talking from a wealth point of view, instead I’m talking about the personal and emotional value we assign to everything and everyone around us.

We could call it care. How much do you care about the life you’re in? About your passions, your job, your spouse.

That’s how deep the words you say will influence you, and that’s how important they are.

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