marketing and adaptation to change

Should you stick to the original plan if something isn’t working out as you expected or should you change accordingly?

This seemingly simple question is often cause of debate, both internally and within people mostly because both answers are correct.

Yes, sometimes you have to stick to the original plan, believe it till the end, because you will have many people that won’t believe in your idea until it’s fully functional.
Also, the road to success is full of failures, so you will get the idea that you might be wrong.

On the other hand, maybe you’re stubborn and you’re clinging to an idea that’s not working for the market. Should you change? Yes.
Adapt, so you can make the market happy.

But what if…
what if your plan was to fulfill the dreams of the niche you fall into?
What if adapting isn’t ok with your style because that’s not what you want?
What if compromise is not feasible?

Then stick again to the plan, keep doing and failing. Find the niche untile the niche loves you for the product you built for them instead of the general market.
Make something that some people will love unconditionally.

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