are we all numbers?

I just read a sad news about one of my relatives. He’s being transferred from a big company to a different one, after 35 years of working there.

This can happen when you’re only a number. This is why big companies sometimes fail, because they grow to much and don’t know how to handle that number of people.

Often, though, changes like this are inevitable and are taken from people who won’t suffer damage for such decision.
This is why I don’t like the big company model and I fear how its super-controlled work might affect the people working there.

I, too, am working in a company that’s growing so much, but we are still small.
Yet there is the feeling for such controlled behavior, for a company that’s 100% under control.

Good or bad? I can’t say. What I can say is my personal opinion about how too much control limits creativity. This is one thing I firmly believe.
Structure is made to control the behavior of people, to protect them from damaging. It’s a good thing, but too much structure means that you will lose creativity, you will lose freedom and in the end you’ll end up in the same situation as the big company are right now.

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