new study finds something that might be true

Have you ever thought about how many studies out there claim that there might be correlation between Y and Z ?

I do and it scares me. Yes, there may be correlation, but we shouldn’t fantasize. We as humans are the founders of the scientific method yet we see this kind of generic statement all the time.

These are news that are easy to get a grip on the public audience. They often reveal unheard correlation that might imply great results or benefits, like the correlation between drinkin tea and losing weight. 

But if there’s no scientific protocol what should we do?

If it does relate to something you can experience every day, like dieting energy and so on , then listen for your body and your mind, keep the attention high for new signals. there’s no better way to learn than to listen to yourself.

Regarding more bigger themes or implications, like social, economical, genetic, etc my guess is that it’s better to wait and document while asking for more information.

In the Internet we use to say “don’t feed the troll”, well… I guess we could also say “don’t feed the news”

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