the shortcut syndrome

Yesterday I wrote a post on my Italian blog about how we now seek shortcuts too often.

I have this syndrome too, and while I can’t blame the motivational video I watched in the past, I’m quite sure they have a role in this.

Why am I talking about self-help topic? Because that’s where it all starts.
We want money, success, we want to be able to spend what we want to buy the things we need or like, we want to be recognized to be considered successful.

Therefore we seek ways to do this, and there’s a market for that.
The self-help market is one of the most prolific market I could think of, it’s filled with tons of people advising how to get money, fame, girls and success in every possible niche.

I, partly, respect the self-help world, but I am also  aware of the many faces it has and one of them is the shortcut.
You know, many people in the industries will sell programs to get you from X to Y in Z time.
A shortcut, a way to get faster to your goal.

Shortcuts to get lean, shortcuts to get motivated or to get happy, shortcut to get rich.

What these programs don’t tell you is that success rarely happens overnight.
Success, happiness, body leanness are all the results of hours of work and dedication.

Think about it: Every self-help book/teacher will start by telling you the story of his/her struggles.
To fix that he dedicated time and effort, he devoted himself to change.

Now he/she’s offering you a faster way.
A shortcut.
And in fact they are not blaming. It’s faster because they know the rules now.

But faster doesn’t mean without effort.

This way of thinking constraint you into thinking there’s always a shortcut, but the good life is made of hard working and passion.
Is made of time you spend into things to build your life.

The shortcut syndrome is caused by all this information, we expect to be a shortcut for everything.
And while there’s a faster way, there might not be an effortless way, and so way give up because the shortcut isn’t working the way we wanted even though we had the power, we had the time.
The only thing that was truly missing was our will.

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