are we all liars?

This morning I was speaking with a colleague of my girlfriend and she was quite disappointed in humanity.
Her take was that, whatever the person, we are all alone and very few people are worth considering.

I partly agree with the fact that at the end we’re all quite egoistic people and that hardly anyone would do something out of pure altruism.

That said I also believe that there is no such thing as a evil human being.
We are the result and the product of an entire life.
Even if a human would be evil in the 100% of his/her actions, those evilness would be there only because of his/her life, not because he/her was like that.

We build evil inside and let it grow the same way we grow prejudices, opinions and, ultimately, distrust.

So, while we’re living we have the power to decide which animal to grow and feed inside ourselves.
Evil, distrust, compassion, love, prejudice, hate.

Which one?
We decide.


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