december & 2015 year in review

I started this blog on December 28th last year, motivate solely by the Seth Godin book “What to do when it’s your turn”.

It was a way for me to force myself to write constantly every day in a language that wasn’t my own.

Now, one year after, I know that I missed many days out of the 365 available.
The total post count for this blog right now is around 260, so all in all I missed about 100 days. 24 of which they were the days I was in japan.

That said, it all worked very well.
The more time it passed, the more it was easy for me to write every single day, even though sometimes I couldn’t get some “complex” thoughts written.

What surely fascinated me was the habit itself.
I was quite sure that to build an habit you needed something like one month of continuity but this wasn’t the case. In fact it took much more time to become accustomed to the fact that I needed to write every day.

So, how did it go? Let’s see

December was a fast month. It just flew by.
Many of the thoughts in it are small, concise, fast.
I started a new diet (which I’m inconsistent in doing, but I hope to fix it in the upcoming days) and I renewed my intention to meditate more every day.

It was also a hard month, full of stress and joyful events.
The posts that I loved the most about it were

But what about 2015?

Many thins happened, and while I can’t do a deep list of the posts I wrote, there were many things that changed me in a lot of aspects

  • I started working part time (28hrs/week)
  • I opened up a company, Radici Toscane
  • I went to a wedding in Oklahoma, met beautiful people in San Francisco
  • I went to Japan
  • I started writing every single day in english
  • I started exercising constantly with calistetics.
  • Tried various breakfasts
  • Did a 30 day -no sugar- experiment
  • Started writing articles in my blog Give Me The Chills and a couple were also quite popular.
  • Learned new technologies (rethinkdb above everything else)
  • I started wanting to contribute to opensource ,but failed (at least for now)
  • With my GF we opened up a shared bank account and started searching for a house

2015 was such a wonderful year.
Full of difficult moments but still also filled with emotions.

I started learning to be more honest, to put work in front of me.
There is still more to be done, and I guess that’s the path for 2016, move forward again.

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