use natural remedies but don’t be stupid

I love natural remedies, they often shows that we can heal in a good way without the need to use chemicals.

For example a broth of ginger and orange is great if you have flu or common cold.

But you shouldn’t be too much focused on them. They are great, but they are not the solution for every problem out there.

So, yes, seek them first, but in case don’t be afraid to use chemicals.
I wrote this because today I got a migraine with aura.

This type of migraine is very powerful, it starts in your eyes with the “aura”.
The aura appears in some defect in the vision that’s similar to seeing “stars”, but right in front of you. This symptom doesn’t have any kind of headache yet, but it’s like a precursor.

Then, after a hour or two, you get one powerful headache like you’ve never experienced.

Since I already got a couple of them in my last years, today, even though I was running 4 years without taking a single chemical medicine, I decided to take 2 aspirins right after the aura.

It is usually the best time to cure it because once the headache comes in it will be a trouble.
Aspirins was the most “natural” medicine I got nearby.

To threat the headache better, I stayed in a dark room laying in the bed, for 45 minutes, doing breathing exercised, focusing on the head.

Then, once woke up, drank some lemon juice with hot water, and inhaled some lavender essential oil I put in a hot water cup.

Now the headache is almost gone, dunno how this will work over the day, but if it works, then I’ve got my solution 🙂

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