tracking is like writing a journal

Almost one year ago I started doing Calisthenics with the Convic Conditionig program.

It was the first program I could easly follow without video, only a simple book with easy progressions.
With this program I also started tracking my progress, not because I wanted to show off, but to remember what I’ve done and what I should do next.

It was quite a pragmatic choice.

I know I already talked about this, but looking back at the journal I can see the path I’ve been working on to.
It’s not about the physic I have right now, but instead it is the journey I did to get till now.
All the progressions, all the days I worked out.

At first many exercises were hard to to, while now I’m getting closer and closer to a decent-minimum.

Would have been the same if I didn’t track? I don’t know.
What I know is that the more you can simplify the workout to something easy to manage and follow, the better the chance that I’ll be able to workout without skipping the day.

Tracking it has improved the way I handle these workouts and they are now part of my routine.

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