you’ll likely screw up again, but it won’t be that much of a problem

Guess what? in life we screw up every single time.
We screw up even when we think we learned how to do it.

We screw up even when we promised we wouldn’t do it anymore.

It’s quite arrogant, isn’t it? That we think we will be able to execute our life perfectly with no errors or glitches.
Even to think to execute perfectly a small part of our life is arrogant.

This arrogance is partly the beauty of life, is part of our human nature and it’s hard to ask someone to not being arrogant this way.

Back to the topic: screwing up.
I did it today, and I will probably do it tomorrow.
Even if I have the best intentions, even if I think I know how things works.
I’ll screw it up with people I love, and I’ll also screw it it inside myself when I won’t be capable to handle my emotion.
To understand where rage or envy comes from.

Let’s take Rage for example.
Rage is a message.
You may think it’s an emotion, right? But in fact you should see it as a message, a fever.

A fever means your body has something wrong.
In this case, you got something wrong with your inner self.
Why? Because if you were totally in peace with it, why in the world would you be angry?

The reason we are angry is that we have something we need to discover and explore.
We need to understand the reason behind rage.
Rage is a symptom.
And “I am angry because X made Y” is part of the symptom, it’s not the virus.

It’s easy to be fooled by rage after all, and here we go screwing things up again.
How easy.

The thing is… we can’t do it perfectly.
We will do it wrong, it’s part of our learning process and while I’m not advocating that “doing things wrong is the only way to progress”, I do think that we have to learn how to get back up.

Because no matter what, you’ll screw up.
And you’ll have to get up and running.
’cause life goes on.

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