slavery still exists

We all think slavery is bad, right? And I agree.

Many violent kind of slavery are unacceptable.
But are we considering all the cases?

In the Etruscan civilization the so-called slaves were very precious and they were all treated well.
Some of the slaves were also beautiful, and they were considered something important in society.

So, what about the Etruscan civilization? How can we define those slaves?
I can surely say they were working to serve their master and they got food and help from him/her.
They served their master through helping him/her in the daily task.

Now let’s talk about services and virtual assistant.
What they do is to help people with some daily task they prefer not to handle.

It’s not slavery, we pay for the service and we expect the service to be done in the constraints we agreed upon.

But is that far from slavery? From the Etruscan slavery?
I surely didn’t live at those times but I think we’re not that far.

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