how to make decisions in a company

How does the decision making progress change in a company?

Usually it’s because there are different opinions.
If the vision is strong those opinions can lead to a more unified view on which decisions are good, but if you realize that you have different take on the subject, what are you left with?

You have to confirm, ask, and act.

2 steps more, because before you would have took action immediately.
I feel a bit sad about this, because we, as human, have a lot of insight to offer.

When things change and you’re left to confirm and ask for permission, then the whole process is way more complicated, the “agile” company isn’t more agile unless the people in charge of taking those decisions are agile themselves.

My take is that this is how bureaucracy was born. To control and align different opinions.
To allow no interpretation nor improvisation.

It is sad if you have some personal involvement in the project, but if your views are so different then there’s no sadness in parting ways.

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