happiness is an ever-changing state

I always thought happiness was a goal.
Some kind of enlightenment that you’d reach once you settled everything with everyone.
Some prize I’d eventually get in life if I did all good.

But it’s not that way.
Today I was 87% happy.

Sounds crappy, but it’s actually a pretty reasonable number.
If you think about it, on a scale from 1 to 10, it’s almost a 9, but if you think about “I’m not entirely happy” somethings seems missing.
You are happy or you are not happy, right? Happiness, at least to me, was something you would reach or not. There was no middle way to do it.

Either you’re happy, or you’re not.
Being “almost happy”, seems like you’re not happy, but in fact it might only say that you’re working on it and at least in my case that would be true.

Happiness is not a goal, it’s a state of mind, something that you are in control to do.
Today I was almost happy, given the fact that it was a stressful day.
That’s the part that counts.
“given the fact that it was a stressful day”.

I looked at the sky, had my mind almost clear, I enjoyed many of the seconds of this beautiful day.
It was great.

I think anyone could be happy, that happiness is within anyone’s reach.
To get there you have to learn and accept.
It’s not easy as saying “Happiness is a choice”.
Yes, it’s true, but choosing happiness is part of a bigger work and doesn’t happen overnight (if it does it’s fake and it won’t last).

You have to do the hard work, improve yourself, learn that you have bad sides that you must work on, and work on it.
There is no shortcut.

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