what to say on a birthday

Years ago when it was someone’s birthday I would congratulate with him/her, nothing else.

Birthdays, afterall, were just a day like the others to me, so it didn’t make any sense to add something to them.

Today I still think that birthdays are normal days, but everything changed.
I remember it all happened when a dear friend of mine wrote me a birthday message.

I didn’t expect it. It was a long message, it was passionate, insightful, full of hopes and wishes.
It was the best birthday message I’ve ever received.

That message got me thinking about how much power you have in your birthday.
It changed it all for me, it changed the way I think about expressing emotions, it changed the way I write messages to people on their birthday.

After that I realized that on the birthday you have the opportunity to positively influence someone.
To give them a boost, without using hypocrites words.
You can do good, real good.

When you say “Happy birthday” you simplify a complex meaning.
What “Happy Birthday” represent is a wishing well.
We all wish the best to others, so when you naturally put that much time writing a message you realize that you write such messages only for the people that count for you.

This makes those messages even more beautiful, and they are vehicle to your emotions, to your wishing well.
In fact, while you say “Happy birthday” you might be noise in the other person’s life, but if you write such powerful message, then you can scratch their surface, you can touch their heart, leave a trace.

It’s not about being selfish, it’s about sharing emotions, sharing wishes.
So now I write less happy birthday, I say less happy birthday, but when I say them I use them my full range of emotions, my full range of words.

I won’t use small phrases, but I write long posts to ensure all the love and friendship doesn’t get lost.

Personally I often talk about expressing love in those messages and the reason behind that is this:
We often don’t show our love to others.
We hide it because we fear it, we fear the consequences.

But to be honest, if we died tomorrow would we regret it?
We would regret it.
That’s why I often say “live this day with the people you love and make sure that they will know how you feel about them, hug them, love them, express your range of emotions”.

Because when we die the only trace we’ll live will be made by the memories and the feelings other have for us.
Those feelings will be our trace, our legacy.
They will remember us for what we taught to them in life and love.

Tomorrow is not a good day to love, today is.
Don’t ever let yourself hide your emotions.

Live fully, express your love.

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