the harsh truth about self-improvement

When you talk about self-improvement what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Success, power, energy, happiness are just few of the words that might pop-up.

What any self-help/improvement book doesn’t tell you is one hidden journey towards those goal.

Everyone in this world has some negative side, some character that its too much.

We all got our issues, right?

To work on that you’ll have to face them directly, you’ll have to fight them, recognize them and work towards improving yourself.

That’s how you do it, that’s the little secret.

Acknowledging your limits and working on them.

Guess what? It’s difficult.

We all ask to be better, but the path to that improved version of ourselves requires us to learn, to fail, to be humble, to go forth, to fail again, and to wake up again with the strong will to face again and again our problems until they are solved.

It’s hard to do it because those shadows in our character are difficult to begin with.

They are hard to accept, and hard to change.

But those shadows are our best bet, they are the path.

Our path.

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