less services

Today I started migrating part of the things I’ve had on SimpleNote/Quip/Evernote to OneNote and iOS Notes.

It’s strange because I wasn’t a fan of microsoft services, but OneNote is well done, works good, and even though the Typography is not the best in the class, it has the feature needed.

This also led me to realize one thing:
We have too many services.

I know that a service that does “one thing and does it well” is perfect, and I love the idea, but what about note taking?
We only need notes, sharing, and a bit of typography.

It shouldn’t be that hard, but instead we are flooded with new services that, guess what, promise us to save more time, improve our productivity and so on.
The truth is that learning has a cost, and sometimes sticking to the old and simple solution is enough for you to be effective.

Think of “how much improvement will I gain from this?”
If a change of service will save an hour a day for you, then by all means go and use it right now, but if that’s not the case then you should pause a bit and reflect if this move is needed or not.

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