what stops you from achieving?

Today I was with a group of friends that work together in a company.
They’re a very supportive team and work closely together to accomplish projects.

Each of them has his/her own unique skills, but what drove them mad was the fact that some basic tasks didn’t end so fast.
They took way more time than the usual.

Why that happened?
We talked a bit and two things clearly emerged as possible culprit about this.

The first was: Who’s in charge?

Even in democracy we need one people to take the lead, even if not in every decision it’s important to have a person in charge of the task. Not doing it but coordinating it.

The second was: When to do it?

When you don’t have a deadline you procrastinate and it’s hard to feel the pressure to complete the task.

Even though these two things aren’t a requirement for the completion of a task they surely are an important part of it.

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