terror as a teaching skill

How do you react when you’re pissed off of something that’s happening?

Maybe the natural reaction you have is to yell at someone who’s not even responsible for that.
This is what I saw today, but it’s not just this.

It made me realize that from time to time we use fear and terror as a way to discipline others, even though those people didn’t require so much violence to begin with.

Reacting with anger it’s natural, it’s because of the difficulty to keep calm and carry on that we react this way, but yet I think of it as a way to measure how you handle problems.

Terror shouldn’t be used to constraint people or to control them.
Terror and fear don’t empower people, they deprive them of their creativity that’s why it’s so hard to have a nice working business afterall.

But what is the alternative?
I always ask this question every time.
What is the alternative to force your way through terror?

The alternative takes more time, and it requires you to also learn how to manage your emotions.
Because you shouldn’t be angry with innocent people and neither you should communicate with rage.
It also requires you to learn how to communicate and empower people and lastly… it requires you to accept some failures.

Thinking about it like this clearly marks the difference. The shortcut is to use rage to get to the point.
But the real solution, the one that sticks and improves everyone, is much harder.

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