january 2015 monthly checkup

This month was quite interesting, although I missed 1 day, I continuously wrote on the blog.
One thing I noted though was that the quality of what I was writing was a bit off, probably because I was always hasty in writing, so in the end I couldn’t always have a clear view on what I was doing, therefore I slacked.

In this month I eventually finished my blog post on how to setup a fast wordpress blog.
It didn’t get that much traction (not comparable to the Node.JS post on how to move away from heroku). But I was happy to close that chapter.

Post that I loved writing this month were

Looking back at these posts right now made me realize that, after all, I got some good posts out of it anyway, but they didn’t stick to me. That’s strange because some of them resonated with me deeply but in the end I got the impression that it wasn’t a good month.

Maybe I’m overreacting, or maybe I started to slack on the end of the month.
Who know, but the whole point of writing these posts at the beginning of the month is to grasp how it’s going.

So yes, today is sunny and it’s a wonderful day.

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