when things change

When you grow older some things you loved aren’t that interesting anymore.
Maybe you loved going out and watch a movie every thursday, maybe you loved going to the disco.

What changed, how?
Priorities, perspective, and deepness changes.

Priorities because what was important before (finding a girl? being drunk? whatever) now it’s less important.

Perspective is how you look at things into the future. This means that the more you grow, the more you think about how doing something might change you, how it will influence you, how much will you gain from it in terms of growth, happiness, joy.

Deepness is how much deeper you go into understanding an action or a situations.
Let’s take the drunk example.
It’s no wonder that in many parts of our life we drunk too much, why was that?
Maybe we were running, maybe we wanted to shield from some feelings. Whatever the reason, the thing is that at that time we didn’t really understood it.
Now we do, and this puts a lot of weight in how we choose to do things.

We (sometimes, obviously) go deeper into understanding what moves us and this also helps us in saying no because now we know how much we get hurt by doing stupid things.
And while we might want to do the stupid things to feel part of the group we also understand that our individuality is much more important, not because we’re being selfish, but because we have to live with it, we have to stand behind our actions 100% of the time.

“what moves us”, is something I realized just now writing is the representation of how we understand the world and ourselves.
If we get to know what moves us then the rest of the world is no secret.

If you know why you truly want to do something, everything else follows.

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