how do you measure “life”?

“We act like an old couple”
“They doesn’t seem to love each other”

Both these two phrases are an example of how we measure the life we see.
We measure it through pre-packaged ideas.
When you look back, 50 years ago, everything is different, but everything also stayed the same because even then they had their own prepackaged perspectives that led how they saw life itself.

Mass media amplified this with tools like books, tv, magazines.
These tools became our lenses through which we see the world, we measure it through them to understand if we are on the right track.

But how can this lead to happiness if we’re always comparing ourselves with an ideal standard?
I agree that we should strive for the best ,but is it ok for the best to be defined by mass media?

We are individuals and as such we need our identity and more importantly we need to be able to express it without any fear.
If, by any chance, your identity conflicts with the ideal standard then chances are you will feel like you don’t belong.

The concept of I don’t belong here, the concept of not being part of this whole society, is a tricky one. It’s hard to define the line where it’s ok to not belong, but one thing is sure: If the sense of not belonging starts because you’re comparing yourself to a product of mass media then you should think twice.
Your identity is much more important than a magazine.

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