are you required?

I do think that we should be free.
Free to choose without issues.

I like when I can move on and off from systems with just a click, because it doesn’t lock me in, I feel I can do more.
Therefore I spontaneously apply this same rule to my work life.
I try to be not required, and in fact I believe that’s one of the best thing to be free.

Now, becoming “not required”, doesn’t mean you are not necessary to your job, it means someone can cover your job if it’s required. It means that if you’re on holiday you’ll get less calls, it means people can find a way to fix crashes even when you’re not online.

As with everything this comes at a price, the price for you to know that you can be replaceable even though not entirely and not in the same way (they might not get another “not required”).

On the other hand feeling required is pleasing because it makes you feel important. We all have the need to have a goal, a purpose, but being important is not worth it for me, even though you might fear to lose the job.
I think we can do way better if we focus on value, on helping, and on not being required but instead “swappable”.

For example basecamp switch teams every now and then so that everyone can work on any project.
This is a recipe for success.

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