communication with my small brother

I have a brother who doesn’t talk so well, but he tries his best to do it.
In real life this is not much of a problem because he usually replace his missing words with body language and he’s quite effective when he do so.

I gave him a telegram account linked to his cellphone and now he’s trying to establish a contact with me through those messages.
It’s marvelous.
I didn’t realize how much joy this action would bring into my life, but it’s amazing.

He tries to talk with me every day and I don’t know if it’s because he tries hard or if I’m starting to understand him, but it seems to me that he’s getting better at talking.
Word by word he improves every day.

Today I also got to think about the family and how we grow up.
As usual, during our teenage years we tend to hate the family reunions mostly because we don’t get the reason why we are there.
We could be with our friends after all.

When you grow, you slowly start understanding why this is so important and why we should help them.
Today I know why this is important and at the same time I respect how a teenager doesn’t want to stay with the older ones.
It’s growing up, and we all have to do that.

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