you “get it” only when you “live it”

Today I realize one big thing: It’s a whole different game between experiencing something and thinking we can understand it.

I’ve started a small business last year with a really small amount of money.
Now I’ve got problems, issues, and so on, that brought me some additional stress.
It’s no big deal, but still it’s something to work on.

Well, what I realized is that many of the business struggles were different.
Now, I get the tension my bosses have towards me, I understand the urgency they have when something is not done.
I say this from the perspective of a loyal, very passionate worker, not a slacking worker.
I always did my best, tried my best, but ultimately shielded my life from the business consequences.

Every time I closed the office door, I knew that it was over (I love working, but I also love doing other stuff).
When you run a business everything stays in your mind so my new goal is to reach the same “zen-mind” that I have on my daily job in my personal business.

The first thing that’s helping me towards this goal is being a bit stoic.
Imaging the worst consequences is a great start to understand how unrealistic they are and it helped me getting over the stress.

But this is not enough. I still have to work on processes and on lowering my overall complications.
Everything can and should be slimmer, faster, more agile. And that’s what I’m aiming to.

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