the grounded fears

When you can’t sleep because you’re worried, because you feel like you have no exit, because there is pressure on your life.
That moment when the world overcomes your ability to handle life itself and you feel powerless.

It has been a while since I’ve experienced it.
Not that I’m immune to it, but lately I’m more and more able to manage it because I listen to what my mind tries to say. I listen to my fears and all those voices in my head.
And after listening, I know they’re fake.

All of them. There’s no voice in your head that knows the truth.
Yesterday night my girlfriend couldn’t sleep. So much is happening and for her this is a hard time.
But it’s ok. Even in the worst case we are fine. There is no issue, no problem, nothing.
Everything is fine, but the pressure for her is unbearable therefore she can’t sleep.

Maybe you have voices telling you that everything will go wrong. And maybe sometimes they will be right.
But they didn’t saw the future. No, they instead acted on your reality to force you into their future, or maybe for this time you were unlucky.

Part of the calm that I have is that usually I tend to prepare. I know beforehand when an issue is gonna strike so why can’t we prepare for it?
It might as well be useless but preparing isn’t gonna ruin my world and is surely adding some relax to my life.

The idea that you can “manage the situation when it starts happening” is nice but in life you need some more advantage. You need to be prepared, to be calm.
And to do that you have to ignore any kind of fear.
Because fear can’t advise you.

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