on company secrecy

Few days ago there was some talking in a closed room in the office. Suddenly my name pops up and I can hear them.

Maybe they were talking about me, maybe not but 2 things stroke in my head at that time

We always think about “Us”

Whenever someone says our name we start dreaming about the implications of our name.
What would they talk about? Is it because there’s an issue with my work? Is it because they don’t like me?

Thought like this are normal, unavoidable, and often hard to calm down.
When you start thinking you keep thinking.

Why? Our life revolves around us so I would expect us to be that much interested in knowing what’s going to happen, isn’t it?

Secrecy is a double edged weapon

Sometimes secrecy is a way to shield people from issues, but it can be counterproductive because people “think way too much”.
I believe in this case that secrecy is good if you can fully shield the secret content itself.

Otherwise even a glimpse of the content would have consequences.

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