reconsider your opinion

Our opinions are not set in stone, in fact they change quite a lot and it’s our duty to learn and listen to the change in the world (and even inside ourselves) that make those opinions outdated.

Today I changed one of my opinions about a product (OpenShift). I thought it was too complex and it wasn’t.
I was simply lazy to learn, to understand, to get moving.

Sometimes we need time to re-evaluate our positions, time and humility.
Because when you reevaluate you first say that you were wrong, or that it’s good to give a second chance.
And it’s not in our human nature to give second chances, we prefer to have a fixed world where everything stays the same. This is because we don’t like to go outside our comfort zone and a second chance is exactly going out of our comfort zone again to confirm what?

To confirm that the world is wide and unknown. That things change fast, that we have used many second chances and therefore we should grant second chances as much as possible even if it doesn’t add up value.

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