how to get help without asking

There’s a good rule I follow when I need help and it’s all about what kind of help I need.

If I feel like I can clearly ask what I need, then I ask it.
That’s it.
I ask for help explaining why I need it and how would I benefit.

However this is not always ideal. Sometimes you can’t ask directly.
In those cases I prefer to explain what would I need, but I won’t ask.
If the person in front of me wants to help me that’s fine. Otherwise I’ll live up with the consequences. I’ll figure it out.
In the extreme case I need help but can’t/won’t ask for it, I may additionally ask “what do you think?” to be sure that it’s clear that I care about the question.

Asking for help is human and it’s one of the most sweet things a person can ask to you because when you ask, you become vulnerable.

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