would you judge yourself?

The hardest part of life is to learn to not judge and understand what’s behind a choice.
While it is easy for us to judge others we are not incline to do the same to us, we tend to be protective of our choice, partly because we spent so much time on them that we want to keep them valuable.

But wouldn’t it be better to remove ego from the equation?
Sometimes we judge to prove a statement and it’s hard to learn from it. We get stuck.
The tricky thing is that even if we thing we aren’t judging, then we are.
Maybe in a more subtle way, but we still are judging.

The whole point of this post is that as I notice other people judging and discussing thanks to ego, I have to pause and reflect.
Because when you see it in other people, chances are you’ve got it too, and I’m no exception.

The only way to learn is to doubt yourself.

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