we live in a men’s world, a sex world

I say this as a man: the world has a too widespread “man-view”.
Few days ago I was eating with my colleagues and I realized that many of the jokes made by men were all sexual.

I’m not talking about sexual harassment, I’m just saying that they revolved around the common theme of sex.
Some of the jokes were about the girls, but aside from that, they were all about sex.

It’s easy to joke on sex, because you can find a double meaning in everything.
But is that a topic we can use to elevate ourselves?

I think the answer is no.
To improve the way we live and act in this world we need to change the way we talk and joke.
Everything nowadays is about sex.
Tv shows, movies, etc.

Sex is an easy door to attention, smile, whatever.
It’s easy because it resonate with a primal part of us and it appeals us because anything erotic appeals, isn’t it?

It’s too easy to fall into this trap.

I’m not saying that sex is bad, but the way it is used, yes, that is bad.
The overflow of sex-related information is bad.
It is bad for us because it forces us to stay within the “sex-loop”, to think about it, joke about it, talk about it while we could think/joke and talk about so many different things.

But as with many things in life, this is not easy and it requires you to have both a strong commitment, a strong will, and an open mind.
An open mind is crucial because it would be too easy to fall into the trap of sex denial. No, I’m not talking about removing sex.
I’m talking about making sex that intimate private moment we rarely share, making it beautiful, exciting, and not “common” again.

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