is the kamikaze crazyness that much hard to explain?

We often say that it’s not imaginable how come that people could bomb themselves in the name of god, but is that hard?

We think of it as an action without any solid ground, that no one with a little bit of rationality would consider, least think about it as a solution.

Because anyone that’s rational knows that’s wrong.

Now, think about the last time you were angry with someone.
Think about the last time you wanted to be right in a discussion so badly you raised your voice unconsciously.

The sad thing is that we often follow our irrationality without even thinking.
We do it daily.
We fight, we give punches, we scream, we hate.
All the time, every damn day.

Out of context, out of the stream of emotions that’s quite clear that rationally we wouldn’t do it, but we still did them.
It’s like in the walking dead where they are all infected, but they don’t know it.
We all have this seed of crazyness.
It’s up to us to not follow it.

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