you can be honest without being an a__hole

Let’s say you just ate some terrible food in a restaurant you like (I sure did it tonight).
And let’s say it’s the first time happening, so it’s unusual.

You walk up to the man at the counter, he asks “was everything alright?”
What do you do?

  1. You tell him that food was shitty, terrible, un-eatable.
  2. You tell him that it was ok e ignore the problem

Honesty vs “let’s live in peace”.
I get it, honesty might not be for everyone because there’s a lot of stress linked with being honest, but honesty doesn’t necessarily mean that you must express yourself like an a__hole.
There are so many ways to talk, to tell, to teach.

In my case I walked to him and told him
“Ehi, the chicken was so-so. Like if it was too old, not very good. I’m telling you because if anyone else orders it it might have an issue with it, ok?”

I know, maybe you’re thinking “Why the hell should I pay for that?”
But didn’t we talked about not being an a__hole?
How many chewing-gum you’ve bought that were terrible? How many objects you’ve bought that you didn’t use?
If a dinner didn’t went as expected you might as well consider the possibility to ignore the problem and help them, instead of focusing only on yourself, right?

Because the main issue with all the problems like this is pride.
We have to protect our image, our pride, so that it’s not wasted time right?

But getting to others, being able to connect, communicate with honesty and no rage, to say what you want to say without your ego getting in the way is another story and it requires you, us, anyone to control. To be able to step back.

It’s easy, too much easy, to talk about what we didn’t get.
That’s why it’s easy to speak like an a__hole.
But if you don’t want to be that guy, then you have to mix what you have to say with kindness and step back.
Take a deep breath, and talk like if you were the one receiving the bad, bad news.

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