there is no evil

Even if you think there is, there’s no evil in human.
There’s hard choices, ego, egoistic reasoning.

It’s all about choosing between you and the others, defining a line between your belief system and the real world.

It’s about success and failure and all the egoistic arguments that goes into that.
It’s about learning and maturing, and start thinking outside of our own life.

But there’s no evil. Even the worst, even the most terrible situation is a produced outcome.
It’s there because of something, because of society, poverty, wrong choices.
But there’s no evil inside it. There might be an evil intent, but humans are not defined by evil. They do evil action because we sometimes hurt others with wrong intention, moved by wrong reasoning, but there’s no evil inside us.

Evil should be something much much bigger and more terrifying.
Evil is evil only to do harm, but we always have a reason do to even the most awful actions in our life, and even if the reason may sometimes be stupid, they are not evil per se, they are evil in their outcome.

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