the same tv format

Many tv series share a common pattern.
If you look at house, suits, etc, they all have a pattern in the narrative sequence.

It’s a proven path to success. If you put some nice jokes, a difficult relationship with the main character, some forbidden love, you’re all good to go for a nice show.

This is something quite common in tv series and once you realize it you can find where it is used.
Much like the whole pixar rules of storytelling you have a common ground to work upon.
It’s the same idea as the Teal & Orange, abused in every hollywood blockbuster movie.

Can we do better? Sometimes we do, there are some nice, delicate and insightful shows like “Master of none” of Aziz Azari, that makes the difference, that shows a different face, they show something that resembles reality in a much more realistic way.

That’s why master of none has probably a 100% rating on rotten tomatoes. Because it’s new, it’s human, it’s different.

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