the courage to be different

Remember those times when you thought about your parents and you thought “I can do better. I won’t become like them“.

You knew that you could be different, that everything was clear and that you could improve it. It’s so easy right?

But how do you really do that? How do you avoid changing into something you didn’t expect/want to be?

I think that no matter what, when we are young we have still to define our main character. And with it many other things.
I think that even your worst enemy was once a nice guy. That the couples you watch fighting were once happy and in love.

They were perfect, they loved each other, but during the years many behaviours started to build up, to materialize, to become the default reaction.
You can’t pinpoint a date where it all changed because it’s a sum of many days, many actions, many ignorant choices.

And this is true for anyone. You either have the integrity to stay true to your belief or you change without noticing.
You become the ugly bad man.

You don’t change that fast, though. It takes years to make a change like this, but as with many things in life: it goes unnoticed.
You start reacting with too much rage.
Maybe you exaggerate some words, maybe you were stressed.
Maybe you saw someone acting harsh and you thought that it might work for you too, and you start emulating him from time to time.
Without noticing that time to time becomes your common reaction and you are “the guy that overreacts”, now you grow kids and you yell at them.

They watch you and say “I can do better, I won’t become like them

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