today almost anything attracts attention

Facebook, twitter, amazon, aliexpress. Whatever the website, they have algorithms to show things you’re interested to and keep you navigating, searching, etc.

They all have features to keep on site, because their business depends on it. But what are they giving back?
Your attention (and your time) is worth it, at least for you, so what should you do? Should you spending it wandering in millions of product pages?

It’s easy to fall into this trap, because we end up in those sites searching for something.
The interesting thing about them is that there’s always this lingering thought that something interesting might come up, they create this suspence, this anticipation.
But what if you’re searching for something that’s not gonna be found?

What if your search can’t end today?
The questions is not relevant in the success per se, but it’s more interesting if you look at it from a timed perspective.
Translated it means: Did you waste time?

If you don’t find what you were looking for, then was that time well spent? The answer is obviously no, but that doesn’t mean that we learn from it because these systems “work like google, but you don’t think they are a search engine”, in fact we are fooled by them.

In a search engine after a few pages everything is clearly irrelevant, useless.
In social media and powerful ecommerce you might spend hours of your time searching for something, only to think that “you’re almost there”.

The endless search or scrolling through facebook posts reminds me of an old habit we can’t remove once learned. It’s hard to change habits, but all of these sites are habit-forming.
They create a standard behaviour that you will iterate day after day once you become accustomed to it.

Yet, you’re not aware. You don’t have an indicator that the search is gonna end because if you keep scrolling or navigating the related items there’s no end.
One door leads to another door, and while in a search engine we have “pages” to say that we’re too far and less contextual to what we were looking for, here the line is blurred and we honestly don’t know, we don’t have a way to say “ok, I won’t be getting any more useful information from here”.


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