why you should search email and why you should do it more often

Today at work I was asked a question, and since I don’t have a good memory I searched in all my inbox.

I wanted to understand how a feature for our program was developed, so I scanned the emails, and between them there were email of other coworkers full of joy, of passion for the work, of dedication.

Today, some of those feelings might have shifted, in only 2 years a radical change has happened.
It has happened day to day, not in a night or two. It happened without us noticing but we did all change.

This reminded me that we got to this and we didn’t learn from it.
We made mistake we are unaware of, we made hard choices and everything slowly shifted.

Searching for a single email showed me an entire course of events that led to this moment, and while I can’t change a thing, I am now aware of it all.

I wonder what would happen if we searched our personal email, if there was a way to “search” our memory. To recall unexpected events from the past.
To seek the beauty we witnessed in the past and learn from it, learn the beauty of life, learn from our mistakes, whatever.

We need more searching, we need to be aware of our past not to fall trapped into it but to move towards a better path.

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